Review the attached creative brief to familiarize yourself with Blackhurst and their brand guidelines, as well as some inspiration to jump start your creation!

The brief is broken down into 3 sections:


For people of all walks of life, Blackhurst Cultural Centre – The People’s Residence is the leading African & Caribbean Canadian cultural centre in Toronto and the heartbeat of its community.

Blackhurst fuses arts & culture to drive lasting social change, create legacy, fuel economy, educate and empower. We are the jewel on Bathurst Street.


Ensure that your logo entry is consistent with Blackhurst’s listed primary colour palette, with the potential to add 1-2 new secondary colours.

Blackhurst’s brand personality can be described as: innovative (bold, creative), welcoming (accessible, people-centred), knowledgeable, vibrant (lively, fun).


We realize inspiration doesn’t strike like lightning. Review the listed images to understand the placement of the logo in settings such as the Residence Hall, the Gallery, in our Live Events, or on our merchandise etc., and read about Blackhurst’s new space to get context.

Within your submission please ensure to outline your design inspiration and how it relates to Blackhurst’s rich legacy.