Windows to Opportunity (WTO)

The Windows to Opportunity (WTO) program supports the positive development of youth through mentorships with professional artists. This program is aimed at youth who identify as “Black” between the ages of 12 to 24. The WTO program provides hands-on learning in five different fields of study: computer graphics/animation, dance, event planning, media arts and stand-up comedy.

This WTO 28-week program is delivered from October to May in two- or three-hour modules. For technology-driven classes, students are required to use their own equipment, e.g. a suitable laptop or camera. All classes are taught by professionals in their respective field(s).

Please check our website’s EVENTS calendar and/or our Facebook page for more info. Space is limited, so please register in advance via email to with the subject line “WTO.” Alternately, you may call us at 416-901-7720.

Monday – Wednesday; 4:00pm – 7:00pm. Admission: Free

Our Programs

Stand Up Comedy

This program helps you hone your craft while gaining an understanding of the Commercial side of the industry. Our program is comprised of seasoned, award winning mentors and professionals who are active in the comedy industry. You’ll learn Standup, improvisation, script writing, sketch comedy and all other aspects of the craft. In addition, this program offers further support though field trips to different comedy acts, guest speakers involved in the industry, comedy set visits and much much more.

Media Arts

This program provides a strong foundation in digital Photography and Film. Designed to build skills in art, design, creativity, communication and critical observation. This program prepares you for further education and a career paths in the multifaceted fields of Photography and Videography. You will experience hands-on learning under the guidance of working artists, attend field trips and photo walks all around the city and curate your own Gallery.

Computer Graphics

In our course, we are going to introduce the user to the basic level of each of the following Modules or Screen Tools using Blender 2.7. We will be learning the USER INTERFACE which as our main tool.

Special Events

From poster designing to book launches, from planning the perfect event, or working behind the scenes to ensure performance events come together seamlessly, event and venue managers play a crucial role in the hospitality and entertainment industries. This course will focus on event planning, marketing, budgeting, contract negotiations, advertising and venue operations management, to give you all the tools you need to embark on rewarding careers in this field.

Finding Your Knack For Apps is a new addition to the WTO Program and a unique course designed for young black women and women of colour. Participants gain knowledge and skills in the areas of software design and mobile technology. The goal is for each participant to create innovative apps that help promote Afro-Caribbean culture as well as provide valuable services for the community at large. Students are introduced to the rudiments of technology, graphic design. social media marketing, data collection and data analysis. This app development course requires no coding. However, students learn the Glideapp online software in addition to building mathematical skills by using Google Sheets. Female participants feel empowered to explore tech careers, start their own businesses or continue their education
in science and technology.

 Understanding Mobile Technology & Industry
 Learning Glideapp Online Software, Google Docs & Microsoft Office Excel
 Developing Skills in Data Collection, Organization & Analysis
 Practicing Graphic Design & Creative Design Processes
 Understanding Social Media & Digital Marketing
 Developing Critical Thinking, Technical & Project Management Skil

Hip Hop

This class features a hip hop-based curriculum created and taught by Marcus Singleton. It begins with a created space where your voice is heard. Such spaces help students look at their lives, community and the world with a critical lens while learning about social justice through historic events. Within Singleton’s curriculum, mentees can creatively and artistically express what they might be going through academically or personally without judgement.

Our Mentors

Standup Comedy with Kenny Robinson

A living legend on the Canadian comedy scene. Kenny's irreverent, socially conscience, intelligent, opinionated and profane style of comedy has made him a fixture and favourite with in the comedy community. He is the founder of the Nubian Nights of Pryor.

Media Arts with Ebti Nabag

Ebti is avisual artist skilled in photography, video, and installation. Her work is motivated by stories from the average human. She hopes her work bridges people together. Ebti has been showcased in a plethora of exhibits, including Vitiligo-AGO.

Media Arts with Tarquin

Tarquin is a creative who blends his love of storytelling with animation. Tarquin has 12 years of experience in Maya Instruction/Training and CG Support and numerous additional accolades.

Finding your Knack for Apps

GISELLE D WILSON Giselle Wilson is a seasoned media, communications and business specialist with over 15 years of corporate experience. She is a graduate of Ryerson University in Radio Television Arts Program and a recipient of the Ted Rogers Multicultural Media Scholarship. Giselle has worked for major television and commercial real estate corporations throughout the GTA, having developed skills with many systems and software applications. She is a firm believer in young black women and women of colour learning science and technology. Her passion is to share her expertise with the community, organizations and young people to pursue better quality lives, higher education, gainful employment and entrepreneurship.

Special events with Rachelle Bloomfield

Rachelle is a Restorative Schools Coordinator at Peacebuilders, and has a breadth of experience of planning and creating special events. She is skilled in creating and planning workshops for students and youth.

Hip Hop with Marcus Singleton

Marcus Singleton has a Master of Education from the University of Toronto’s OISE. Singleton uses his love of hip hop to give back by building a language arts, history and leadership development curriculum around the art form.

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