Welcome to Blackhurst

The Welcome to Blackhurst program engages and educates all Canadians – particularly students – to the rich legacy of the history-makers of Toronto’s Bathurst-Bloor and Annex neighbourhoods. It incorporates hands-on activities that readily connect participants to the local history of the surrounding community. Visitors may participate in walking tours of the neighborhood, attend coffee ceremonies, partake in sing-a-longs with musicians, and/or listen to history lectures of this iconic neighbourhood shared by the early families of the area e.g. learn about and unveil the commemorative Canada Post stamp celebrating Albert Jackson – the first Black letter carrier in Toronto – whose family still lives in this neighbourhood. This program caters to different age groups and accommodates diverse learning styles and teaching methods. Schools and special groups may book sessions of one-hour or two hours. Please register your bookings via email to info@adbcc.org with the subject line “Welcome to Blackhurst.” Alternately, you may call us at 416-901-7720. Advance bookings required. Admission: $7 per student, and $10.00 per adult  

Welcome to Blackhurst — The History of Mirvish Village

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A Welcome to Blackhurst Moment: The Jamaican Beef Patty and Social Justice

Itah Sadu shares the story of how the Jamaican beef patty established its roots in Toronto.