Thank You.
Love, Your Blackhurst Cultural Centre Family


Thank you to each and every one of you who have journeyed with us over the past 24 years and encouraged us to establish Blackhurst Cultural Centre – The People’s Residence!! We are very grateful to so many of you who believed in the collective vision and were prepared to step up and give voice and testament to the importance of our contributions to the diversity of artistic expressions in Toronto. As well as our role in community building and the need for our continued presence in the Bathurst/Bloor neighbourhood. It is because of you we are now in this very special place at 777 Bathurst Street.

We see you! You helped us lift books across the street on a cold winter’s day. You made deputations to keep us in this neighbourhood. You prepared meals and provided an elegant ambience for our guests. You donated books, artwork, food, furniture and even a baby grand piano. You volunteered at events. You cleaned and installed stuff for us. You shared your thoughts for our Time Capsule. You came out to celebrate the new space at our ribbon-cutting ceremony. You wrote proposals and articles about our work. You showed up at night to take the Emancipation Train Ride. You created works of art for us in poetry, textiles, collage, photos and graphic design. You convened architects, students and real estate developers to inform our building plans. You made video podcasts to document our experiences. You connected us with people far and wide to share our journey. You told stories, played music and sung your hearts out for our visitors. You drove from Montreal to donate African artifacts to us even though you recently made our acquaintance. You helped with our marketing and social media presence. And you manifested your dream with The Shakers. You embraced this space as your own with passion, love and commitment to help us succeed in creating this cultural centre The People’s Residence.

And we also want to give a huge Shout Out to our members and so many of you that participated in and supported our programs, events and activities at the Centre and off-site at other locations in the City.

We feel especially blessed to know that you were also ready and willing to put your money where your heart is and made a financial contribution to support us as we embarked on building a Bigger, Better, Bolder dream at this current location. Without your support we simply could not have achieved so much over the past five years. You made it possible for us to thrive in our current space and offer opportunities for people to experience the rich culture and history of African and Caribbean Canadians.

We look forward to our shared vision to build and sustain our future home across the street at 756 Bathurst Street. We invite you to continue on this journey of discovery, inspiration and celebration because LEGACY LIVES HERE!

Together, let the journey continue!

A Special Thanks To...

Our Individual Donors

Our Volunteers

  • Sandra & Raymond Smith
  • Matthew Blyden
  • Kathleen Barrow
  • Luisa Sousa
  • Yolanda Marsh
  • Michelle Muir
  • Ayodeji Adigun
  • Myah Barnwell

Our Founding Patrons

  • Zanana Akande
  • Dr. Edith Lorimer and Dr. J.W. Lorimer
  • Dr. Dominick Shelton and Jacqueline Spence
  • Stanley Julien

Our Family Donors

  • Charles and Hetty Roach Family
  • B. Ferguson Family
  • Colin Rickards’ Family
  • Sandra Thomas & Family
  • Sandra Foster & Family

Our Partners