The Salon

Toronto is a mecca for some established writers from the Caribbean and Africa. The Salon builds on the tradition of a collective writing experience. Be it a spark to get over writer’s block, movement from idea to conception, and/or the opportunity to write alongside established writers, The Salon is a program for writers, journalists, illustrators and authors to gather, create, co-create, collaborate and showcase works in progress and completed work. It is an event that offers writers the opportunity to workshop their stories and to network with publishers and other literary practitioners. The Literary Salon is funded and supported by the Toronto Arts Council.

Second Thursday of every month; 7 – 9pm. Admission: TBA

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Toronto Arts Council

Author's Literary Salon

An ADBCC Literary Salon with Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams joins us to dive into her book, ‘A Sip of Cerasee Tea: Taking the Boldest Steps’ – an intriguing story about the intricacies of Jamaica’s social landscape, its evolving political culture and the resilience of the Jamaican spirit.
An ADBCC Literary Salon with Angela Punky Stultz

Angela Punky Stultz shares insights into her literary work, “Signs and Wonders: Sojourn in the Inner-city”, a story of the challenges and successes that NGOs face in community development.

An ADBCC Literary Salon with  Kamala-Jean Gopie

Jamaican-Canadian philanthropist and educator, Kamala-Jean Gopie, shares the story of the inception and growth of the Gopie Community School in Malawi.

An ADBCC Literary Salon with Eternity Martis 

In her memoir, They Said This Would be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up, Martis eloquently reflects on her experience as a racialized undergraduate student at Western University in London, Ontario.

An ADBCC Literary Salon with   Tessa McWatt

Critically acclaimed novelist, Tessa McWatt provides insight into the making of her memoir Shame on Me, that interrogates our ideas of race through the lens of her own multi-racial identity. Moderated by Dr. Alissa Trotz.

Storytelling Series

Anansi the Spider and Common Sense

Distinguished Jamaican-Canadian Storyteller, Sandra Whiting, shares an Anansi story about common sense.

Feasting with Palm-wine

Renowned Canadian storyteller, Dan Yashinsky, shares a folktale from the Cameroon.

Poetry Corner

Rachel Bardhun: Locked Without a Key

Rachel Barduhn shares a poem for the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic.