June 19 | 2020

#KidLit4BlackLivesCanada: A Rally for Black Lives with Black-Canadian #kidlit #mglit #yalit authors, illustrators, and allies
For more information and follow-up events, please contact: 
Nadia Hohn, Founder and Organizer, #KidLit4BlackLivesCanada
The Facebook group: #KidLit4BlackLivesCanada Group 

Meet the #KidLit4BlackLivesCanada Panel

Nadia L. Hohn

Nadia L. Hohn is an educator and award-winning author of 'A Likkle Miss Lou' and The Malaika series
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Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez is an award-winning author and theatre practitioner.
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Rahma Rodaah

Rahma Mohamed is an award-winning author who writes books featuring Black Muslim characters.
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Angelot Ndongmo

Angelot Ndongmo is the author of the bestselling & award-winning 'Loving Me Series'!
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Twitter: @nadialhohn
Instagram: @nadialhohn_author

Twitter: @theloudlady
Instagram: @legshernandez

Twitter: @rahmarodaah
Instagram: @rahmarodaah

Twitter: @angelotndongmo
Instagram: @authorangelotndongmo

LeRoi Newbold

LeRoi Newbold is a parent, educator, community organizer and co-founding director of FreedomSchoool - Toronto.
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Kareative Interlude

Kareative Interlude uses art to inspire the next generation. It is an organization founded by Karee and Osagyefo.
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Ishta Mercurio

Ishta Mercurio is the award-winning author of 'Small World'.
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Sahle Robinson

Sahle is a senior Storyboard Artist from Jane and Finch who currently works with House of Cool Studios and Netflix animation.
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Email: freedomschooltoronto@gmail.com

Twitter: @kareeshea
Instagram: @kareativeinterlude

Twitter: @IshtaWrites
Instagram: @IshtaMercurio

Instagram: @sahlgood / @the_robinsons_crew

Nigel Barriffe

Nigel Bariffe is a community organizer and an elementary teacher and Chair of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations.
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Sarah Raughley

Sarah Raughley is a Nigerian Canadian scholar in critical race studies and author of the YA Fantasy series, 'The Effigies'.
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SK Ali

SK Ali is a New York Times Bestselling and award-winning author.
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Melanie Florence

Melanie Florence is the award-winning author of 'Stolen Words' and 'Just Lucky'.
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Twitter: @nigelbme
Instagram: @nigelbme

Twitter: @s_raughley
Instagram: @s_raughley

Twitter: @sajidahwrites
Instagram: @skalibooks

Twitter: @mflowrites
Instagram: @mflowrites 

Kelvin Nyeusi Mawazo

Kelvin Nyeusi-Mawazo is an author, an illustrator and owner of Black Sun Comics.
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Zetta Elliott

Zetta Elliott is a Black feminist writer of poetry, plays, essays, novels, and stories for children.
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Janice Lynn Mather

Janice Lynn Mather is the author of 'Learning to Breathe' and upcoming release, 'Facing the Sun'.
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Sean Mauricette

Sean Mauricette is a multi-award winning artist and author of the children's book, 'A Name Just For You'.
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Twitter: @blacksuncomics
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Twitter: @zettaelliott
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Twitter: @JLMatherWriter
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Twitter: @akaSUBLIMINAL
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Njacko Backo

Njacko Backo is a storyteller, mucician and educator.
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Rabia Khokar

Rabia Khokhar is a Teacher-Librarian at a Toronto school. She is an advocate for diverse children's literature.
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Robin Stevenson

Robin Stevenson is an award-winning author with titles including 'Kid Activists'.
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Sean Liburd

Sean Liburd is an author, coach, and owner of Knowledge Bookstore in Brampton.
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Twitter: @njackobacko
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Twitter: @Rabia_Khokhar1
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Twitter: @robin_stevenson
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Twitter: @knowledgebooks
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Jael Richardson

Jael Richardson is an author, a book columnist at CBC's q, and the Artistic Director of the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD).
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Karen Li

Karen Li is the Publisher of Groundwood Books.
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Itah Sadu

Itah Sadu is an award-winning storyteller, children's author, and Managing Director of A Different Booklist Cultural Centre.
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Twitter: @jaelrichardson
Instagram: @jaelrichardson

Twitter: @groundwoodbooks
Instagram: @groundwoodbooks / @craftykli

Twitter: @ADBCC777
Instagram: @adifferentbooklistcc

Resources for Teachers to Develop a
Critical Anti-racist Lens

Selection by Rabia Khokhar, Teach-Librarian

Download PDF here.

Diversity in Children’s Literature (Infographic):


10 Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Racism and Sexism (Article)

By the Council on Interracial Books for Children


Mirrors, Windows and Sliding Doors (Doctor Rudine Sims Bishop): (Youtube Video)


Elementary Teacher’s Federation of Ontario (ETFO) Social Justice Begins With Me (Resource)

Bookmarks to critically assess children’s literature


Building on Windows and Mirrors: Encouraging the Disruption of Single Stories Through Children’s Literature written by Tschida et al.   (Article)