Produced by:
Megan Evian & Tampori Kabah
App Name: Black Canadian History Haven Black Canadian History Haven is an app and growing database for information about the history about Black People in Canada. The app features: YouTube Video Catalogue Historical Sites in Canada Key facts Can be used by teachers, students and families Easy to find information; All in one spot. Megan and Tampori created this app because they recognized the need and saw that there was nothing like this out there. They also wanted to develop a resource for schools to teach black history other than what is taught about slavery in North America. The history and presence of blacks in Canada has been from since before its discovery by Europeans. It’s important for this generation to know their roots and be better represented in texts and available information.
Produced by: Adda Kabah App
Black in Biz (BIB)
Black in Biz also known as BIB is an app dedicated to helping people find black owned businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. The app contains statistics from Statistics Canada about Black Canadians. It also: Helps to support local small businesses gain a presence online instead of larger companies. Better find black businesses located in Toronto and the surrounding areas An app to find specific black businesses easier with the ability to even add your own business
Produced by: Shiloh Samuel
Math App
The Math App is a resource for students to review their math rules and skills. The app features a database or cheat sheet of math rules, a link for tutoring from the Toronto Public Library and a chat room for students to assist each other in a virtual community environment. Shiloh wanted to create an app that is for students and can truly help them to master all kinds of math while finding the help they need in addition to other tools and supports.
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