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Blackhurst Welcomes You to The New Mirvish Village!
Developer: Westbank Corp.


Welcome to the new Mirvish Village where your presence to live, work, and play will help build legacies into the future footprint and landscape of this iconic Toronto neighborhood and community.


The Blackhurst Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Woodgreen Community Services and Westbank Corp., has been afforded 12 units of Affordable Housing as part of 48 homes which were allocated to local non-profit agencies to address specific demographic needs. As a Black-led organization, the Blackhurst Cultural Centre is proud to have been one of the visionaries in this framework designed to create spaces for Black cultural creators. BCC is proud to partner with Woodgreen and their leadership in providing opportunities for affordable space in Toronto. This initiative builds on the belief, “We are who we are because of others.”

Neighborhood Assets

  • Engage with artistic residences within the Blackhurst Cultural Centre.
  • Multiple points of transit accessibility by subway, all night buses, and streetcars.
  • Minutes away from the Bloor Street Cultural Corridor and its cultural institutions starting at Yonge & Bloor to Bathurst & Bloor. TPL, ROM, Koerner Hall, JCC, Native Canadian Centre, Bata Shoe Museum, 918 Bathurst Street, Royal Conservatory of Music, HotDocs and the Italian Cultural Centre are just a few examples.
  • There are three neighbourhood high schools and youth centers.
  • Mirvish Village is steps away from the University of Toronto, George Brown College, and a subway ride to Toronto Metropolitan University.
  • Experience the vibrancy of the Annex and the history of Seaton Village and Blackhurst.
  • Enjoy artistic performances at Tarragon Theatre and Randolph Theatre
  • Located uptown from Liberty Village and the downtown core.

12 Units in the new Mirvish Village

The BCC/Woodgreen units consist of (6) One bedrooms, (4) Four Studios and (2) Two Bedrooms and will be scattered throughout the project. They will have the same finishes and design as the market rate rentals.

Mirvish Village offers affordable studios, one, two, and three-bedroom homes. Buildings are smoke free.

Examples of amenities include: a lounge/kitchen,
co-working/study space, gym, a rooftop terrace, and outdoor children’s play area. There are also communal amenities available to all residents; such as, a full-floor indoor/ outdoor amenity room and rooftop pool.

The amenities at Mirvish Village are inspired by themes of: Art in Context, Cinema, Music, Fashion, Literature, Sculpture, Painting, and Architecture. Each building has its own amenities available only to the building’s residents and each building has a different amenity offering.

Unit Monthly Rent Amount
Studio $1079.94
1 Bedroom $1261.16
2 Bedroom $1485.02
3 Bedroom $1718.72

Eligibility and Selection of Residents General Eligibility

To qualify for a Blackhurst Cultural Centre (BCC) Affordable Unit, applicants must meet basic criteria related to their professional and financial capacity.

Applicants can be professional and emerging artists. BCC defines a professional artist as an individual who receives, or has received, professional recognition as defined by any one of the following criteria:

  1. Has presented his/her/they work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performance, readings, screenings, or by any other means appropriate to the nature of his/her/they work;
  2. Is represented by a dealer, publisher, agent or similar representative appropriate to the nature of his/her/they work;
  3. Devotes a reasonable proportion of his/her/they professional time as an artist to promoting or marketing his/her/they work, including but not limited to: presenting himself/herself/they for auditions; seeking sponsorship, agent or engagements; or similar activities appropriate to the nature of his/her/they work;
  4. Receives or has received compensation for his/her/they work, including but not limited to: sales; fees; commissions; royalties; residuals; grants and awards, any of which may reasonably be included as professional or business income;
  5. Has record of income or loss relevant to the exploitation of his/her/they work and appropriate to the span of
    his/her/they artistic career;
  6. Has received professional training, either in an educational institution or from a practitioner or teacher recognized within their profession;
  7. Has received public or peer recognition in the form of honours, awards, professional prizes, or by publicly disseminated critical approval;
  8. Has membership in a professional association appropriate to his/her/they artistic activity whose membership or categories of membership are limited under standards established by the association, or which is a trade union or is its equivalent appropriate to his/her/they artistic ability.

Note: Applicants do not have to meet all the criteria in order to be considered professional; however, the Tenant Advisory Committee members will use the criteria as a guide to determine eligibility.

Criteria to Qualify as a Non-Profit Arts Professional

  • BCC defines a Non-Profit Arts Professional as an individual who has been employed on a full time basis for a minimum of five years by a registered non-profit arts organization and whose career has demonstrated a commitment to the field of arts and culture.
  • Our goal is to identify qualified applicants who meet our criteria for Affordable Housing and who will contribute to the development of an inclusive, diverse and engaged community.

We do our utmost to guarantee transparency, equity and inclusion in all our organizational practices.
Discrimination is an action or a decision that treats a person or a group negatively for reasons such as their race, sexual orientation, faith, age or abilities.
Our policy prohibits discrimination in all of our business activities on any factor prohibited by law.

Application & Selection

All applications are assessed by BCC and Woodgreen Community Services Organization and their Tenant Selection Committee, which is composed of an independent committee of community members.

The selection process involves determining which applicants are:

  • Best suited to the space;
  • Will make the strongest programming contributions to the public, and;
  • Have the leadership/financial capacity to sustain their vision over the long term

(Note: when the applicant is an individual artist, the committee does not look at the applicant’s artwork–quality of work, and it does not factor into the selection or qualification process. The committee simply ensures that artist applicants meet the criteria outlined above.)

We require the following information for Phase 1:

  • General information
    • Name
    • Current address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Citizenship status
  • Artist CV/Bio/Portfolio
  • Statement of Interest (may include why you’re interested in the opportunity, how the space will enhance your artistic/professional development, and how you will impact the opportunity), 350-500 words.

This completes Phase 1.

If you are selected for Phase 2, the following additional information will be required:

  • Materials will be requested to assess financial eligibility
  • Additional information may be required for Affordable Housing applications (ex. proof of citizenship or residency).

Once the Tenant Selection Committee have reviewed the applications, selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

BCC defines an emerging artist as:

  • is enrolled in, or has specialized training in the arts (university graduation or equivalent, self-training, or training in a culturally-specific tradition);
  • s in the early stages of their career, usually within the few first years of pursuing a career in their field;
  • has a small history of presentation or publication;
  • is looking for support and resources to build confidence in their practice;
  • is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, when possible financially; and self identifies as emerging.

Tours of units are available upon request only.

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